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History on the move

The history of Western Australian is brought to life for visitors who follow the unique Heritage Trail which in time will wind through the Park. The Trails convenient rest areas feature bronze sculptures of historic figures and tables.

Unique sculptural gardens reflect a Touch of Europe

The sculptures at Burswood Park have been acclaimed as significant works of art, with their unique placement on the Burswood Park Heritage Trail reminiscent of many popular sculpture gardens found in European cities.

Henry Camfield

Burswood's namesake - Henry Camfield

Pioneer, Henry Camfield, settled in the area in 1829 naming it"Burrswood" after his family home in Kent. Henry experienced deprivation and constant crop failures leading to near starvation in the harsh Western Australian environment. The sculpture is based on an excerpt from a letter home, in which he said "We are told we should get our subsistance from the sweat of our brow, but I never read we should sweat, strive to get on honestly and starve..."

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